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Rebecca Reed is a lover of Jesus, all things word and animal related, wife, mother, Spanish and English teacher, track coach, and drama director. She is an active member of ACFW and Novel.Academy. She lives in rural Indiana and writes Chain Breaking Fiction: contemporary fantasy stories set in the US and Scotland that promote the responsibility to choose and embrace a life of freedom. She enjoys traveling, listening to audiobooks and sampling the world’s varieties of ice cream.

Thank you for visiting. I love sharing my experiences and learning about yours. I’ve been privileged to travel to many places, each one a spark for my story-filled imagination. Scotland has long been an obsession of mine. When I was little, I remember standing with my mother near our garden in springtime and telling her the damp smells reminded me of the moors of Scotland. (I’d never been, but that was how my mind worked.)

Now, I have been, and I was right. Rowan, the heroine of my first completed fantasy, The Patterner’s Choice, is like me, called toward Scotland. Her calling is one of lost heritage and a prophetic destiny. If you’d like more info on the story, visit the My Writing page of this website. I’m editing at the moment, soon to begin the query process in hopes of finding an agent and then a publisher. Enjoy the photos and contact me with any comments or questions. I’d love to have a conversation! In the meantime, ceud mìle fàilte and tapadh leat for joining me. Blessings!

Hubby and I in Edinburgh, Scotland
Hubby, eldest daughter and I at Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany
Younger daughter and I at the Benz, Atlanta, Georgia, volunteering at Passion 2019
Younger daughter and 1st Exchange Student daughter in Poland
2nd Exchange Student daughter and me in traditional Ukrainian garb
Hubby and Ziva-a 160 lb South African Boerboel (who loves fruit)
Ziva and me in the car