Lessons of Thankfulness and Humility

With the holiday season approaching – Who am I kidding? It’s here isn’t it? – I’m shaking my head in wonder at how quickly 2022 has passed. Anyway, I digress… What does Thanksgiving mean to you? I’ve listed 3 things below. Do you agree? Disagree? Have something to add? Hit reply and share your thoughts….

ACFW 2022 in Review

WE WERE IN PERSON! The big news for the annual conference of American Christian Fiction Writers for 2022 was just that – we were in person in St. Louis at the Arch. And for me, as I’m certain it was for many attendees, seeing writing friends both old and new, was the attraction this year….

Where is Your Head?

Have you ever paid attention to the way you walk? I didn’t. Until I noticed an older woman walking hunched over – not by choice, but because the now-permanent curve in her spine wouldn’t allow her to straighten. The writer in me asked, “Has she always walked with a stoop, or did she once walk…

Travel 2022: Italy and Spain – Part 1

Our itinerary was set, flights booked, bags packed, but we sat with bated breath gathered around two tables in Indianapolis Airport’s center area. You know, the one between Checkpoints A and B? We purchased Chick-fil-a or McDonald’s, chewed and swallowed, but really, we all wanted notifications to ping on our phones telling us our Covid…

Story Structure from the 23rd Psalm

“Nothing is new under the sun.” Soloman, the wisest man who ever lived came to this conclusion after years of chasing for that elusive something new. The Creator of all things placed in his created the desire to be like him – to build with our hands, hearts, minds, breath, and bodies – to create…

Rejection as Motivation

If rejection defines you, you’ll never overcome it and find out what you’re capable of.

Tis the Season: for change

Living means change and adaptation. Life isn’t about standing still, but it’s nice when someone hands you a Road Map.
Photo by Anders Jilden on Unsplash.

A Pre-published Author’s Journey: Part 3 – Act 3

Last week I published Part 2 of my pre-published author’s journey series. If you didn’t catch it, click here. Or here for Part 1. Our writer characters have faced several Ys in the road — a series of choices that either led closer toward the goal of publishing or farther away. So far, they’ve chosen…

Caves, Tunnels, and Dogs in Scottish legend

Great Hand and the tunnel beneath Edinburgh Castle Tis said the tunnel beneath Edinburgh Castle leads to Holyrood Palace, used in times of siege for soldiers to sneak from the castle and surround their enemies. This tunnel also allowed resupply for the king’s men protecting the castle. A large cave led to the tunnel and…

Scottish Ghosties

Interested in Scottish Faeries, legends or folklore? This blog by Rebecca Reed introduces you to a few. Photo by Céline Geeurickx on Unsplash

Book Review: Well Spring Series by James L. Rubart

Freedom isn’t Free – but the price has been paid. You must accept and believe. The Well Spring Series, three novels by award-winning and bestselling author, James L. Rubart, are not new releases. I’ve owned the first one, Soul’s Gate, for over a year in e-book format, but caught it in audio a few months…

Hope for a Dove – a short story

Hope for a Dove Two come for the seventh – raven and dove. One to be trained, the other to love. Beware the beak where brightness dulls. Mourn the heart as it falls. When perched above, sacrifice made, watch the trees for a Warrior babe. – Great Battle Prophecy April 1900, Glasgow, Scotland Catriona wiped…

What the Wind Knows: A Book Review

What the Wind Knows by Amy Harmon is a book I am excited to review and recommend . I listened to the audiobook version and was entranced, both by the amazingly intricate storytelling and by the voice of the narrator. It was a perfect combination. But you don’t need the narrator for this to be…