Lessons of Thankfulness and Humility

With the holiday season approaching – Who am I kidding? It’s here isn’t it? – I’m shaking my head in wonder at how quickly 2022 has passed. Anyway, I digress… What does Thanksgiving mean to you? I’ve listed 3 things below. Do you agree? Disagree? Have something to add? Hit reply and share your thoughts….

Where is Your Head?

Have you ever paid attention to the way you walk? I didn’t. Until I noticed an older woman walking hunched over – not by choice, but because the now-permanent curve in her spine wouldn’t allow her to straighten. The writer in me asked, “Has she always walked with a stoop, or did she once walk…

Story Structure from the 23rd Psalm

“Nothing is new under the sun.” Soloman, the wisest man who ever lived came to this conclusion after years of chasing for that elusive something new. The Creator of all things placed in his created the desire to be like him – to build with our hands, hearts, minds, breath, and bodies – to create…

Backstory: When and How Much?

Every author is a connoisseur of story. The problem can become where to begin our wonderful tales, and how much stuff that happened to our characters before the story started do we need to tell our readers so they can understand what is going on now and why it’s happening. There are two basic types…

Birthdays and Significance

Birthdays and Significance: Do you look back over your life and wonder if success will ever find you? What if success were not what you were called to, but rather significance? Read on for more thoughts.