Birthdays and Significance

Birthdays and Significance: Do you look back over your life and wonder if success will ever find you? What if success were not what you were called to, but rather significance? Read on for more thoughts.

Defeat Doesn’t Have to be Your Story

Being a human is hard. 2. Being a human with a family and a job is harder. 3. Being a human who aspires to be a published author can be downright discouraging! You could fill in lines two and three above with almost anything and make the comparison work. No matter what words you choose…

A New Standard

Have you ever longed for something new? For a change? Maybe of jobs, homes, scenery, hair color? It could be anything. I believe that if we’re honest, most of us have at some point in our lives wished for change or a break. Most of my students wish school were over for them. They long…

Cariño – a Way of Life

As a Spanish teacher, I come across many cultural ideas that are often different than the ones I grew up with as a product of midwestern America. Cariño is one of them. Cariño is the idea of caring or loving those around you. I first came in contact with this word as an interpreter at…

What kind of faith?

There are many kinds of faith. Most everyone has some type of faith in something or someone. What kind do you have? More importantly, will it save you?