Spiritual Superbowl

Are you an armchair Christian, or do you answer the call to develop your talents and join the game? Read this post on the Spiritual Superbowl.

Priorities–What are yours?

You may have heard the admonition, “You need to work on your priorities.” Or, “Your priorities are messed up. You need to decide what is more important.” But what does it mean to prioritize? Why should we? The dictionary definition of prioritize is: to designate or treat something as more important than other things. Another…

What Gets Our Attention

Who or what get your attention? How do they get it? Is God seeking more of your attention? How does he tell you?

Lost Your Umph

Jesus takes our pre-Christian selves, pulls us out of the world, forgives our sins, cleans us up, teaches us to love, then sends us back to be salt, light, yeast, and seed for those left in the darkness.

How Long Do We Wait?

I’ve written about waiting before. Waiting is something most of us do not do well. During this Christmas season, let’s revisit the topic. Waiting has been part of Christmas before the word “Christmas” was coined.  The Israelites waited hundreds of years for the Messiah. During this time of profound silence, God gave hope to an…