Story Structure from the 23rd Psalm

“Nothing is new under the sun.” Soloman, the wisest man who ever lived came to this conclusion after years of chasing for that elusive something new. The Creator of all things placed in his created the desire to be like him – to build with our hands, hearts, minds, breath, and bodies – to create…

Rejection as Motivation

If rejection defines you, you’ll never overcome it and find out what you’re capable of.

Tis the Season: for change

Living means change and adaptation. Life isn’t about standing still, but it’s nice when someone hands you a Road Map.
Photo by Anders Jilden on Unsplash.

Then We Fly by Rebecca Salas: A Review

Synopsis of Then We Fly The Sequel to First We Drown. We revisit Cora in this urban fantasy filled with mythical sea people and magical powers. From the back of the book: Cora has been living in her new world and learning to use the abilities she’s discovered over the past year, but her nightmares…