The Unlimited Plan

I remember my first cell phone. As a matter of fact, I use it in my classroom for “phone” conversations in Spanish. The kids hoot when I show it to them. It was a Nokia bar phone. The numbers are so tiny and the display about an inch square. Not nearly enough by today’s standards….

Hiding from God?

Spring has officially begun, but winter is having a hard time giving way to the new season. Here in Indiana there have been many frosty mornings. The frost is beautiful, all furry-white on last fall’s blades of grass, the trees and buildings. When the sun comes up, the frost’s time is limited. The warmth of…

The Power of the Wind

In Indiana the spring is traditionally windy, but the past few weeks have been exceptionally so. A recent bought of wind blew an entire patch of shingles right off our house. It organized them into a fairly neat pile in our back yard, which was generous, but prevented the shingles from doing their jobs. What…

Spiritual Superbowl

Are you an armchair Christian, or do you answer the call to develop your talents and join the game? Read this post on the Spiritual Superbowl.

Priorities–What are yours?

You may have heard the admonition, “You need to work on your priorities.” Or, “Your priorities are messed up. You need to decide what is more important.” But what does it mean to prioritize? Why should we? The dictionary definition of prioritize is: to designate or treat something as more important than other things. Another…