Rend Collective and Rescuer

Cages. Bars. Chains. Pits.

In which are you held captive? Or, in which were you held before Jesus came and rescued you?

We’re all addicted to something. Some of the things are legal and others are illegal. They are all ways in which we are enslaved. Satan can use any habit or substance we value to excess as a trap to chain our God-given freedom.

Rend Collective is my favorite band. They hail from Bangor, Northern Ireland, and you may have heard their singles Build Your Kingdom Here or My Lighthouse which were popular on Christian radio several years ago.

Their newest album is entitled Good News and includes iconic folksy music with messages of hope and understanding. Their mission is to draw people back to the community of the church and to change the public view of the church as a closed society to one of welcome and inclusion for all. Across the world the Church of Jesus Christ is a family—we are all one. It is not a gathering of the already perfect as many see the church, but a collection of people seeking to place increasingly more faith and hope in the person of Jesus, to seek his face and will for their lives and to allow His infinite love to overflow into the lives of all they touch.

Rescuer is a song that reaches out to the captive, the shamed, the ignored. It extends a hand to those who’ve had experiences with religion that made them walk away or who doubt that the message is real. The central message of the lyrics is that we are free from sin because of the grace of Jesus and he wants to rescue each of us.

Luke 19:10 For the Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost.

Rend Collective good news

Check out the following links to the music video and the lyric video and see what you think.
music video

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