All my Hope

I love Crowder. I love how he displays humility, brokenness, joy, and hope, all while pointing to Jesus Christ – his (and my, and I hope, your) Savior.

I was first introduced to Crowder at Passion (find out more about Passion here)when I served there as a Doorholder. He had no inhibitions as he interacted with the crew, attendees, or anyone else, for that matter. He is comfortable in his own skin. He is comfortable being a Child of God. His joy shows through.

At Passion, I had the opportunity to sit in on the sound check for Crowder and his band of musicians. It was the most amazing experience. As a musician myself, though not even in the same stratosphere as those incredibly talented people, I could appreciate some of what they were doing. It is obvious from the first note that Crowder has a vision of what he wants the songs to sound like and how he wants them to affect the hearers. Until he gets what he wants, changes are made. The musicians suggest and apply changes as much as he directs them. The session was a study in symbiosis. All the parts worked together to create a better whole.

The lyrics of Crowder’s songs all speak to the needs Seekers have whether Christians for a lifetime, or a few days or not yet. It makes no difference. The raw emotion invested in each song pulls a thread or tugs on a heart or touches a soul. Listen to a few and you will see what I mean. The unique blend of instruments – traditional and not – bring forth a sound unlike any in Christian music today.

All my Hope is in Jesus is about the future and the past. It speaks of reconciling our yesterdays with our tomorrows. Thank God, my yesterday’s gone. It looks to the future. All my hope is in You, Lord. And tells us why. All my sin is forgiven. I’ve been washed by the blood. Click here to watch the music video.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

That’s the message of the Gospel – The Good News of Christ’s willing payment by his blood on the Cross of Calvary for all the sins of mankind. That is the source of our hope. Crowder sings of the brokenness of man and the forgiveness we receive through Jesus Christ, our Lord. These are the things we Christians know and must share with the world.

So many struggle with the chains of sin. So many are enslaved.  We must not be afraid to appear broken before others. In our brokenness, they may find redemption as the Holy Spirit leads them to the Cross. Every person alive needs to know that hope does not come from a faith in the world or its material goods. There is only one reliable place in which to put our trust and our hope.  All our Hope is in the person of Jesus Christ.

Share your hope and your struggles. If you have prayer concerns, please list them. I would love to pray for you.