Winter Jam 2019

I attended my first Winter Jam two Fridays ago in Indianapolis’ Bankers Life Fieldhouse. My friend suggested we take three of the teen girls from our Wednesday night outreach group. It was a good decision. The experience was an incredible outpouring of love and worship to Jesus Christ. It was also a call to experience the power of the gospel to change lives.

The group, Newsong, founders of Winter Jam, performed and spoke as to their purpose for the concert series. According to them over 40,000 people have accepted Jesus into their lives at or because of a Winter Jam event. What an excellent use of God-given gifts.

In Indy Zane Black presented the gospel message to the near-capacity crowd. The Gospel in Six Words is a resource you can use to share with those in your own life who need to hear the message. It is simple, yet complete. Check it out and see if it might be helpful in your own ministry to the unreached people in your life. The challenge was for each one to reach one. It’s a good goal, because we all have to start with one. Of course, after the first one, you may feel the call to reach another. It seems God works that way, doesn’t it?

The Winter Jam lineup includes artists from many styles of music. There is truly “something for everyone,” as the saying goes. The headline band was Newsboys United which is the four current Newsboys members plus two of the original band members. Mandisa gave her testimony. A powerful reminder that doubts can be overcome by God’s love and perseverance in our lives. Rend Collective brought their eclectic instruments and folksy style to the stage, while Danny Gokey added a Caribbean flair. Ledger created a stir of enthusiasm with her harder rock sound and Hollyn added rap to Newsong’s pop beats.

Merchandise and meet and greets abounded. One of our girls went all fan girl over Jen Ledger, meeting her and posing for a photo. Another had the opportunity to meet Michael Tate of the Newsboys. But the best part about the event is that none of it is done for the advancement of individual careers. Instead, the advancement of God’s Kingdom and the raising up of the name of Jesus is the purpose. What a refreshing spin on a popular form of entertainment.

If you would like to support Winter Jam and its purpose, go to to donate or purchase merchandise. Also, if you have a chance to go to Winter Jam 2020, I highly recommend it. What a fantastic experience and worthwhile cause! You won’t regret joining in.