More than Meets the Eye – A Book Review

More than Meets the Eye tells the story of Evangeline Pearson Hamilton and Logan Fowler, two young people with tragic pasts. Each has chosen a very different way in which to deal with the past, and that is where they meet.

Evie has managed to turn her losses into strengths. She has chosen to live for the present and presents a sunny disposition and sweet nature toward all despite the prejudice and superstitious jabs from various townsfolk concerning her mismatched eyes. She sings as she toils and ferociously defends her pet hog, bedecking him in a bright red bow to dissuade would-be hunters.

Logan has dedicated the last seven years of his life to getting justice for his father’s losses. After gambling away the deed to their family homestead, his father couldn’t come to terms with the rejection of his peers and takes his own life. This left Logan and his mother homeless and without means. They moved in with an aunt, but Logan’s mother never recovered, becoming more and more withdrawn. Logan takes it upon himself to regain their land. His quest brings him to purchase a tract of land bordering the old property–the one now occupied by Evie and her two fellow orphans-turned-brothers, Zach and Seth Hamilton.

As Logan prepares the trap he hopes to use to ensnare Zacharias, he encounters Evie by “rescuing” her from her pet hog. Her open, loving way tugs at his heart, derailing his plans to exact judgement on her brother. Can he risk the damage his plans would do when he finds his heart drawn more and more to the fresh breeze-of-a-girl with the beautiful, mismatched eyes?

Soon both Logan and Evie are pulled together to rescue a deaf girl from drowning. Their act of compassion propels them headlong into conflict with an unscrupulous man. His methods of lining his own pockets put many others in danger and his unscrupulous, self-centered attitude unites Logan with his adversary in an attempt to right wrongs and free those they love.

I listened to the audiobook version of this novel and was entranced from the first word. The narrator, Stephanie Cozart, captures the feel of the narrative and portrays the characters beautifully. The wit and light written into the story by author Karen Witemeyer, is enthralling, pulling the story along in a way that made me want to continue listening once I reached my destination. I loved the way Logan and Evie interacted throughout the story–none of the love/hate drama so common in romance novels. They treated each other with dignity and respect even when they did not agree.

I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who loves a well-written, light-hearted plot with deep meaning strewn throughout. The themes of judgement and revenge, family and loyalty are woven expertly through the narrative. The relationships reflect values often missing in today’s world, but provide hope for a better tomorrow.

Karen’s next book in the series releases on June 4th. It tells the story of Zacharias as he makes his own way in the world, unburdened for the first time in his young life of the responsibility of caring for the two orphans he made into a family. You can check out the book on Karen’s website here. I’m looking forward to reading it and hope you will find it interesting too.

The newest release by Karen Witemeyer.


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