Song of Light by Sandra Saidak: A Review

Song of Light, a newly-released fantasy by Sandra Saidak features a young, but determined, human girl whose desperation to escape the horror of her situation leads her to a tree she believes may be a portal to another world. Salia has always been thought a bit strange with her uncommon belief in the old tales and the existence of a better world. When she trusts her beliefs, they prove true and she is whisked into a land with magic, a land as good as the one she’d dreamed of.

The story meanders through two lands–that of the Wildlings and that of the elves–(though orcs and goblins feature prominently as well) and several years before Salia is thrust into her destiny. Darkness seeks to rip magic, love and goodness from this new world just as it destroyed Salia’s old one. Here, the true battle begins, within Salia herself.

I loved the Wildlings and Elandar, who each play a part in teaching Salia what it feels like to be truly accepted and cared for. I was entranced by the music threaded through the story. It added another magical element.

The only thing I thought lacking was a deep POV. There were often times when I felt excluded from Salia’s thoughts–-an outsider looking in from above. Or maybe from behind a forest tree. This issue didn’t ruin the experience for me. I still enjoyed the story. I just think it could have been more deeply meaningful had I been more intimately tucked inside her head and her heart.

Still I enjoyed Salia’s story and if you like clean, whimsical fantasy with a thread of searching for meaning and belonging, you’ll like this one. Little violence occurs though some characters die. Most interactions are courteous and respectful. There is something here for young adult through adult readers, including some pretty cool steeds-like a griffon.

I received this ARC through Reedsy Discovery where you can find reviews and synopses of many indie published books.

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