My little piece of Scotland

What’s the best present you’ve ever received? After salvation, one of the best for me was the deed to a five foot square parcel of land in southern Scotland and the title of Lady. My daughter knows I have loved Scotland my entire life. I’m not really sure why, but every spring when the weather just begins to shake away the winter, I stood outside and declared that it felt like Scotland on the moors.

My husband and I on Loch Ness, Scotland

When I finally had the opportunity to visit a few years ago, I was not disappointed. The land was just as beautiful and mysterious as I’d always believed. I’m yearning to return and now, thanks to my daughter, I can visit my very own bit of Scottish soil.

Yes, I know it’s a silly thing. Anyone can purchase these tiny plots of land from the Internet, but to me (and thousands of others) it’s not the lure of the title. I’ve never been much of a “Lady” anyway, preferring jeans to skirts, but the idea of that connection to a country I’ve always loved is the real prize.

There is some controversy about this practice (selling bits of land and titles), but I see no harm in it. Several of the companies engaging in this business use the money to fund restoration projects and other things. I don’t believe the title is legal nor to I expect to be recognized as Scottish nobility. It’s just fun and novel. And thoughtful.

Scottish land and title
Scottish land and title certificate

So, I’ve hung my certificate on the wall of my office. Another source of inspiration as I write Scottish-connected fantasy novels. And a connection to what may well be the home of an ancestor or two. At the very least, it’s a connection to my loving daughter who knows me so well!

What do you think? Would you like to own even a tiny piece of your favorite country?

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Enjoy a few more photos courtesy of Scotland.

Castle Ruin, Scotland
Hairy Coo, Highlands, Scotland


  1. Well, now I want to go there, too!

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  2. It’s gorgeous! I can’t wait to go back. Why do you think I enjoy writing about it so much?


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