Launch Team for The Fabrication of Eden Pruitt

Have you ever been part of a launch team? Until I saw Katie (K.E.) Ganshert’s call for her latest young adult fantasy in her newsletter, I’d been part of two others. I wouldn’t say I was a fabulous member of either of those teams. When I answered Katie’s call, I resolved to do better this time!

My experience with this launch team has been tremendous. Not only did I read an ARC (advance release copy) of the book and LOVE it, but there have been discussions of the book on Discord. Katie has joined in many of these and has shared her journey of writing the book. As early readers, the launch team members were able to identify typos, misused words, and confusing passages and let Katie know where they were so she could correct any errors. This made everyone feel as if we were a part of making the book the best it could be before publication.

As avid readers (there are many writers as well) the discussions were interesting. Favorite books and authors were shared as well as contact info so we could follow each other on social media. Another perk was seeing the cover before it was released to the public, and let me tell you – it’s AMAZING!

Katie is a sweet person and her foray into young adult fantasy began with the Gifting trilogy which I picked up because I loved Katie’s adult romance. Each book got getter. The writing became tighter, the plot deeper, and the story more intriguing. Then, she published The Contest. That story blew me away! The characters were so well-imagined and the plot perfectly-paced. BUT – I loved this story, as much as that one. It is unique and pulls you in immediately. The roller-coaster ride throws one twist after another at you, but I was never confused or lost in the details. I kept rooting for the characters and was disappointed when the ride came to a stop.

It’s definitely a cliff-hanger, but Katie plans to release all three books in 2022, so you won’t have long to wait for books 2 and 3.

What should you do now? PRE-ORDER, of course!

Here’s the Amazon link – both ebook and paperback are now available. You don’t want to wait. Order now so you can become your reader friends’ hero by recommending this book to them.