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Hello there! This is to all my blog post subscribers who aren’t currently newsletter subscribers. First of all, I appreciate your support. You are loyal readers of my wide range of blog topics and I thank you! This is why I’d love to be able to reward you.

What newsletter subscribers get that blog subscribers don’t.

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If you’re an avid reader, I also give lots of recommendations and reviews that could help you find your next favorite read.

Beginning in April, I’ll have a new world – the Encouragement World. This will include encouragement for you as a person, reader, writer – whoever you are and wherever you are on your personal journey towards discovering your identity and purpose.

I also occasionally give free short stories or insider info on characters or plots to my newsletter subscribers.

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Not quite sure…

Here’s a freebie – my March newsletter – on the house!

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I hope you’ll choose to subscribe, but if you don’t, I’ll still be writing monthly blog posts – never fear. I pray goodness and blessings over you and yours as March winds to an end and Easter approaches. Remember that Jesus defeated death and the grave so we could have life and life abundant!