A North Carolina Thanksgiving

I know the Thanksgiving holiday has passed and most of us are hurrying to ready ourselves, our families, and our homes for Christmas, but today I thought I’d reflect a little on the past.

For one thing, today is my birthday. I turned fifty-four years old today. Everyone should be proud of me for knowing that number. Usually, when anyone asks, I have to calculate my age. I always tell my students that after the age of twenty-one and until the age of sixty-five, it really doesn’t matter what age you are. There are no real perks or advantages to one year over another. That might not be entirely true, but it lets me off the hook for not knowing my age.

For the first year in the last twenty, I was not at home for the Thanksgiving holiday. Instead, my husband and I traveled to our daughter’s home in North Carolina, south of Charlotte. I did not have to cook, only help. And transport jars of home-canned green beans from Indiana, of course.

Emily (near) and Sierra (grating cheese) preparing dinner.

My daughter, Sierra, and her housemate, Emily, worked hard to prepare the tasty dinner we enjoyed. Emily cooks the main foods, while Sierra prepares the desserts. We had roast beef, ham, macaroni and cheese, stuffing, roast sweet potatoes, cole slaw, mashed potatoes, green beans, deviled eggs, and crescent rolls.

Sierra with the beautiful spread.

They went all out with appetizers, and desserts including a perfect apple pie, sugar cream pie, cookies, and a lemon bundt cake.

The gorgeous appetizers. Isn’t the cheese ball pumpkin cute?

It was wonderful to meet Emily’s family as well. And after all the festivities were finished, the next day, Christmas decorating and puzzle time began!

Time for a Christmas puzzle!

We had so much fun in the cute little cottage. Emily and Sierra had done a ton of painting to make the place cozy. They ripped out old carpet to discover lovely hardwood underneath and have made the house a home. Despite the twelve hours of driving each way, the holiday was relaxing. I even had time to write! We were able to attend church with Sierra, too. I always love to attend different churches to see how they conduct their services. Keeps me from getting too set in my ways.

How did you celebrate Thanksgiving? What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition or food? I’d love to hear from you! And don’t forget to follow this blog if it is enjoyable to you so as not to miss an installment. Also, my first newsletter is coming! Sign up on the newsletter page or on the pop-up form. Until next time, have a blessed week.