Tis the Season: for change

Living means change and adaptation. Life isn’t about standing still, but it’s nice when someone hands you a Road Map.
Photo by Anders Jilden on Unsplash.

Thinking about a Balanced Life at Christmas

Have you heard of the upside-down Christmas tree phenomenon? When this trendy idea came to my attention, I was not sure what to think of it. My first reaction was, why? After a bit of research, I discovered that this may have been a tradition way back in the Middle Ages to represent the Trinity….

A North Carolina Thanksgiving

I know the Thanksgiving holiday has passed and most of us are hurrying to ready ourselves, our families, and our homes for Christmas, but today I thought I’d reflect a little on the past. For one thing, today is my birthday. I turned fifty-four years old today. Everyone should be proud of me for knowing…

How Long Do We Wait?

I’ve written about waiting before. Waiting is something most of us do not do well. During this Christmas season, let’s revisit the topic. Waiting has been part of Christmas before the word “Christmas” was coined.  The Israelites waited hundreds of years for the Messiah. During this time of profound silence, God gave hope to an…