Tis the Season: for change

Advent, the four weeks before Christmas when christians ponder the importance of Christ’s birth and the impact it has had on their lives. The season when many rush to and fro either in person or online to find the perfect gift for each someone on their list. The season leading to an end––and a beginning.

This year even more changes await me and my family. This includes both my physical family and my broadened reader family.

Life isn’t about standing still. It requires change and adaptation.

Jasmine, beautiful granddaughter #1

My daughter is having a baby-beautiful granddaughter #2. If she doesn’t go into labor naturally by the Wednesday after publication of this post, the doctor plans to induce labor. In this Covid-19 era, grandparents won’t attend the birth, but we’ll wait anxiously for news of a successful delivery. Her name is Lily and we love her already. I can’t wait to meet her in person.

Another change is in how I plan to focus my time in 2022 as regards writing. In the previous post (click here if you haven’t read it) I mentioned my time at Rubart Writing Academy. One of the perks of attending the Academy is that within a couple of weeks after arriving home, each attendee receives a personalized Road Map that details steps Jim and Taylor feel, after interviews and 4 days of getting to know each person, will most aid us in our writing journeys.

It’s nice when someone hands you a Road Map!

Many of the suggestions on my Road Map were steps I’d thought about taking, but hadn’t focused time or energy on making. Seeing them in writing and addressed to me, gave me the umph to set about making these changes.

So—-Number 1—-Increase my Newsletter subscriber list.

To do this, beginning January 2022, I’ll send smaller monthly email newsletters in more of a short note blog style instead of the large quarterly ones I once sent. I will still send the larger quarterly ones on the holidays in my fantasy world, but in between, will be shorter, more focused messages. These will include updates, encouragement, advice on seeking and finding one’s identity and purpose and then living within that once it’s found. As well as any other things I think might bring value, such as book recommendations, freebies, short stories, etc.

What do you need to do as a follower of this blog? If you haven’t subscribed to my newsletter, but are interested in first access to (and sometimes exclusive access to) the above-mentioned info, please subscribe so you won’t miss anything.

If you’d rather not subscribe, I may still blog once in a while here, so please continue to enjoy the content or read posts you’ve missed. I hope they bring you peace and joy. Anytime you’d like to comment, share, or like a post, I’d be most grateful and will respond. I appreciate the time you spend with me and my writing, knowing there are many pulls on time and attention.

I pray you and yours a joyous Christmas season. May it bring your greatest dream a little closer to reality.

Featured image photo by Anders Jildén on Unsplash

New Podcast/YouTube Channel

Another new thing in 2022 will be a joint adventure with my fellow Rubart Writing Academy alum, Becky Yauger. In January (exact date yet TBD) we’ll launch the Rebecca & Rebecca: Reading, Writing, Reviewing podcast. Catch it on Spotify, Apple podcasts or Anchor. Each month we’ll either review a novel or interview the author. Be on the lookout for the YouTube Channel of the same name if you prefer video with your audio! We are excited about this new service and hope it will be of value to you, our readers.

More to come in the next blog!


  1. Your plans sound so exciting! I need to learn the same kinds of things but have been afraid to dip my toes in the waters of platform-building.

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  2. I’ve been terrified. I just haven’t let the fear stop me. My kids have taught me the best way to learn is to just start pushing buttons. Hard for me to do, but, I’ve found they’re right. Usually, things aren’t as bad or as hard as they seem at first. Even though I may pull out a few grey hairs in the process.


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