Rebecca & Rebecca: Reading, Writing, Reviewing, podcast/YouTube launch

Hello, faithful readers. This post is the final one of the year 2021. If you read my last post, you’ll know I’m switching to a more newsletter-based communication in 2022. Fewer public posts on my website. Monthly versus quarterly newsletter updates. So, if you enjoy the content I post, please consider becoming a newsletter subscriber. You can do that here. You’ll get the latest writing updates, first view of giveaways, book recommendations, and more. Thank you for those who’ve already subscribed.

Another new venture for 2022 is a podcast and YouTube channel with my Rubart Friend, Becky Yauger. We’re going to review books and interview their authors. There will be something for both readers and writers. The first episode comes out in January. We’re reviewing a book by Ann Marie Stewart entitled, Out of the Water. Newsletter subscribers will get all the details as to the exact date of release. We’re still working out many of the details.

I have a new granddaughter, Lily Mae! She visited our house for Christmas and I got to hold the precious bundle. What a cuddler and so cute. Tiny, too, at 5 lbs 4 oz, but healthy. Praise the Lord!

Rebecca with Lily Mae.

Ignore me and look at the baby. I’m all hunched over because she’s so delicate. I was afraid to move her too much. And aren’t those booties interesting. She didn’t kick them off once! At a week old, it’s hard to imagine her grown, but I know she’ll be big in what seems like a terribly short time. I plan to enjoy her while she’s little.

So, that’s it. Not a lot to say in this post, but to wish you a healthy New Year filled with a better understanding of who you are and the purpose you are uniquely qualified to fulfill! See ya next year!