Thinking about a Balanced Life at Christmas

Have you heard of the upside-down Christmas tree phenomenon? When this trendy idea came to my attention, I was not sure what to think of it. My first reaction was, why?

After a bit of research, I discovered that this may have been a tradition way back in the Middle Ages to represent the Trinity. Newer trends stem from retailers (and possibly home-owners) needing more floor space with which to market goods (or place presents), and to put ornaments at eye-level for consumers to see.

But when I think about the traditional Christmas tree as we know it in modern times, it seems to represent the perfect way to balance our life. With Jesus Christ at the bottom as our foundation, then the wide base of loving others as ourselves with an emphasis on spreading the reach of our foundation to as many others as possible. We spiral upward with the lights and garland to again come to a star, the crowning achievement of our lives, our association with the One who was born beneath that star in the stable, and who we hail as our Savior and King.

Could the upside-down tree be a symbol of the lack of foundation in many lives today? Could the extra room for presents represent the clutter that exists as the basis for many people’s lives in today’s busy, on-the-go world? Could balancing on the point represent the fragile hold many have on the value of life?

Are we missing the point when we focus on being on the cutting edge of a trend? When we forego tradition in favor of the newest, sparkliest thing? When appearances are more important than deep relationships?

Margaret Burnett on Unsplash

Perhaps it’s time to put our trees back on their trunks and place God at the foundation of our lives. Only by putting Him first, can we have a right-ordered life. When we place Him at our foundation and build our lives upward from there, our ability to find order and meaning increases exponentially.

This holiday season and beyond as we peek at the new decade, let’s remember Christ at the bottom and top. Nothing is more fitting than celebrating the birth of a King, nor the sacrifice of a Savior. As the branches rise upward toward the sky, so will our souls strain upward with Christ’s resurrection promise if we cling to the tree and the blood dripping from it. Only this blood will cleanse our hearts and minds and allow us to carry the blessings of Christmas throughout the year.

I pray all my reader friends a blessed Christmas whenever and wherever you celebrate. May Christ be at the head of your table and within your hearts throughout the holiday season. May his love shine in your eyes and his generosity be shared with all you meet. And may you continually seek the perfect balance that can only be found in a life that includes Jesus as a part of every moment. Thank you all for reading. Merry Christmas!